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In the recent months and years, Chinese tax and customs authorities have become more and more sophisticated but also more aggressive towards taxpayers in various aspects. Authorities tend to not only focus on the current status of a taxpayer, but also take a look at the past, in order to identify possible tax issues relating to previous business operations. Therefore, compliance is becoming more and more important for companies doing business in China in order to avoid tax risks. In our seminar, we will provide you with some insights with regard to the importance of tax assessment as well as inspection, verification and audit from a customs perspective.

In addition, double tax agreements have a great impact on the final tax burden of any company doing cross-border business. Although China has signed 101 tax treaties already, the application by local tax authorities varies in practice. In our seminar, we will provide you with further insights from practical perspective with regard to the current status of tax treaty implementations in China.

: English

:   10.09.2013 at Shanghai
             17.09.2013 at Beijing
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Mr.  Cheng Huiqing, Director Customs and Foreign Trade (CV)
Mr.  Zhou Huaishi, International Tax Department of the State Administration of Taxation (CV)


Novotel Shanghai
Meeting room Magellan I, FL 3,
Atlantis,728 Pudong Avenue,
Shanghai 200120, P.R.C

Novotel Beijing
Meeting room Han+song, B1,
A5 Shuguang Xili, Chaoyang District,

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Registration Form for Seminar at Beijing

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